Sunday, August 9, 2009

Prescription pants for people with specific needs.

Middy: There seems to be a pants theme here.

First, your mention of underwear a few posts back was timely. I'm currently reaching the end of my tolerance for a set I bought from American Apparel when I was twenty-five. In 2003, they were bright, flattering, and adorable. In 2009, they're faded, holed, discolored (yes, I did just type that), and barely holding it together. They've been slowly dying off over the last two years in a drawer-to-trash war of attrition. Their replacements are cheap crappies from Target, which proves that in 2009 a) I would rather spend my money on the clothing that goes outside the underwear (which, I should mention, is also barely holding it together in 2009); and b) I am in a long-term relationship.

Second, shiny ideas generally cause me to start Googling and amassing Post-Its at my workstation. Unfortunately, I generally don't think of new or useful items; it's more that I remember or realize things (arcane and basic) that I want to look up or know more about.

Here are some things I have recently Googled or looked up on Wikipedia:
  1. Cats (Wikipedia)
  2. Cat Meat (Wikipedia; n.b. The link to this was in item #1, and I couldn't not click it)
  3. pregnancy symptoms (Google)
  4. Swastika (Wikipedia)
About #4: I was trying to determine, once and for all, where the thing came from originally.

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